Can I use my Phone as a Document Camera?

Can I use my Phone as a Document Camera?

Technology is always evolving and changing with every single day that passes.  Even as you read this article, some form of technology is being created to make our lives easier and less stressful. It is vital to stay current on technology trends.  One item that solved the problem of making life easier was the creation of a document camera.  When first created, document cameras were used on large forms of technology like computers and protectors.  The purpose was to display some type of content for a larger audience to be able to see.  Have you ever wondered, “can I use my phone as a document camera?”

Yes, you can use your phone as a document camera!  Document cameras are overhead projectors used to present information in a variety of visual formats in a way that others can view.  This information is presented in real time.  Therefore, everyone is seeing what the presenter is doing instantly.  By using your everyday smartphone as the document camera, there is no longer a need to have a computer directly beside you (if presenting wirelessly) and a separate document camera plugged in together to create this real time presentation for others to view.

Are you looking for a way to make life easier?  Do you need to showcase your work in the form of a presentation that is in print format for your business partners to see in a meeting?  Are you teaching remotely from home and you do not have access to your typical forms of technology in your classroom; but, you still need to meet the needs of your students by showing students lessons to demonstrate academic growth?  If so, using your personal smartphone as a document camera is the key to your success in completing your daily tasks and future projects</spa

What is one of the top resources used to turn your phone into a document camera?

You will need some basic tools and apps to use your phone as a document camera.  A phone or tablet is going to be your number one resource.  These basic items can be purchased at almost any store and even online.

Next, you will need to download the appropriate apps based upon your service provider and the app store associated with your subscription.  The following is a list of the top apps associated with document cameras that will need to be downloaded.

Reflector Teacher is becoming very popular with the rise in remote teaching with the recent changes in the world occurring and more and more teachers not teaching in the traditional classroom setting.  Reflector Teacher allows teachers, administrators and students to display their Chromebook, iOS, Windows, Mac or Android screens wirelessly!

Reflector Teacher does just what the name implies.  It reflects or mirrors your phone screen to your computer.  Therefore, whatever you are doing on your phone screen can easily be shown to an audience on a bigger screen.

The sky truly is the limit with Reflector Teacher.  The world is at your fingertips.  One can mirror multiple screens at one time.  The presenter can even record what is being presented.  Finally, a built in control center allows for added control of items such as background colors to screen layouts!

There is great news if you are familiar with Google.  Google has built in screen mirror technology to keep you ahead of the game.  This works with Google Cast and Google Home.  If you are a Windows user, Miracast will work wonderfully for you.  It is already built into the Windows 10 platform so there is no need to download other apps or software

In summary, if you are considering using your phone as a document camera, Reflector Teacher is a top choice that is highly recommended with stunning reviews and testimonials.

How can a phone work as a document camera for a ZOOM Meeting?

Using your phone as a document camera can be extremely important in presenting information virtually for a ZOOM meeting or a Google Meeting.  It is possible to use your modern, up-to-date phones in meetings to stream your information; but, you will have to have a good Internet connection that is stable before you begin.

The main goal is to present your information in a virtual way since the option of using a whiteboard cannot occur.  Anyone with an Iphone will be able to make use of this option in a ZOOM Meeting.  Viewers will appreciate the added interaction of seeing a presentation live over just hearing a voice verbally speak along with just a powerpoint or slideshow.

First, one will want to connect the phone to a computer.  Next, it is important to make sure the setting of your phone is set to not turn off.  This is important because if the phone shuts off in the presentation, it will stop presenting your information through your phone as a document.  Next, use a special gooseneck stand to hold your phone so it is pointed down towards your table or desk.  Have your phone face up with the photo option being used.  This will allow the presenter to have access to the settings on the display of the phone screen.  Finally, share your phone through the cable.  It’s just that simple

In summary, using your phone as a document camera can add a new dimension to your teaching lessons or business work.  Give it a try!

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